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From desert to rich country

From desert to rich country – United Arab Emirates

In less than 50 years, United Arab Emirates has transformed from sandy desert to one of the most developed countries in the world. A global phenomenon, At the beginning of the twentieth century, UAE was within the scope of poor countries. Its inhabitants earned their livelihood from fishing, pearl, and camel herding, as well as the cultivation and trade of dates. The oil discovery had its effect on the sudden wealth of the state on one hand, and on its ...

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Politics and society

Politics and society in the UAE

The UAE was founded mainly on the principle of tolerance towards different peoples and cultures. That principle emerges from the state's desire to build political, social, and economic relations at the international level, as a tool to lay the foundations for development, stability, and peaceful coexistence. The federation of the United Arab Emirates was established on the second of December 1971. After the establishment of a temporary constitution for the state, which was transformed in 1996 into a permanent constitution, laying ...

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